Parts for GX120

This list is meant as a reference only. Please refer to the OEM's parts illustrations if you are unsure of the part you require or call the Lawnmower Hospital @ 780-437-1851.

Item Part Number Notes
Air Filter - Cover 17230-ZE0-820 Foam/Dual
Air Filter - Cover 17230-ZE1-841 Cyclone
Air Filter - Cyclone Cap 17475-ZE1-841
Air Filter - Cylcone Case 17470-ZE1-841
Air Filter - Cylcone Plate 17478-ZE1-841
Air Filter - Cylcone PreCleaner Guide 17476-ZE1-841
Air Filter - Cylcone Screws 90300-GB0-900
Air Filter - Dual/Cartridge 17210-ZE0-505
Air Filter - Elbow 17410-ZE0-030 Std
Air Filter - Elbow 17410-ZE0-840 Cyclone
Air Filter - Foam Type 17211-ZE1-000
Air Filter - Nut 90203-PB2-000 Cover
Air Filter - Nut 90325-044-000 Filter
Air Filter - PreFilter 17218-ZE1-505
Bearing - Crankshaft 91001-878-003 Flywheel
Bearing - Crankshaft 91001-878-003 PTO
Carb - Choke Lever 16610-ZE1-000
Carb - Choke Set 16044-ZE0-005
Carb - Float 16013-ZE0-005
Carb - Gasket Set 16010-ZE1-812
Carb - Inlet Needle 16011-ZE0-005
Connecting Rod - .010 US 132A0-ZE0-000
Connecting Rod - Std 13200-ZE0-000
Fuel Cap 17620-ZE2-W00 Metal
Fuel Cap 17620-ZH7-023 Plastic
Fuel Tank 17510-ZE0-020ZA
Gasket - Carb to Insulator 16212-ZH7-800
Gasket - Crankcase Cover 11381-ZH7-800
Gasket - Exhaust (Cyl) 18381-ZH8-800
Gasket - Head 12251-ZH7-800
Gasket - Insulator to Cyl 16221-ZH8-801
Gasket - Set 06111-ZH7-405
Gasket - Valve Cover 12391-ZE1-000
Governor Arm 16551-ZE0-010
Governor Rod 16555-ZE0-000
Governor Spring 16561-ZE0-020
Ignition Coil 30500-ZE1-013
Muffler - Cover 18320-ZH8-W01
Muffler - Cover Screws 90050-ZE1-000
Muffler - Cpl 18310-ZF1-000 Std
Muffler - Cpl 18310-ZH8-810 Spark Arrest
Muffler - Deflector 18340-ZE1-010
Oil Alert Sensor 15510-ZE1-033
Piston - Std 13101-ZH7-000
Piston - .010 OS 13102-ZH7-000
Piston - .020 OS 13103-ZH7-000
Piston Pin 13111-ZE0-000
Piston Pin Clips 90551-ZE0-000
Rewind - Complete 28400-ZH8-013ZA
Rewind - Cover (Housing) 28410-ZH8-003ZA
Rewind - Handle (Grip) 28461-ZH8-003
Rewind - Pulley (Reel) 28420-ZH8-013
Rewind - Ratchet (Dogs) 28422-ZH8-013
Rewind - Spring 28442-ZH8-003
Rewind - Spring Friction 28441-ZH8-003
Rewind - Spring Ratchet Return 28443-ZH8-003
Ring Set - .010 OS Piston 13011-ZE6-013
Ring Set - .020 OS Piston 13012-ZE6-013
Ring Set - Std Piston 13010-ZE6-013
Seal - Crankshaft 91202-ZE6-003 Flywheel
Seal - Crankshaft 91203-ZE0-003 PTO
Spark Plug WR8DC
Spark Plug Cap 30700-ZE1-013
Switch - On/Off 15520-ZE1-003 with light
Switch - On/Off 36100-ZE1-015
Throttle Control - Complete 16500-ZH7-820
Throttle Control - Lever 16571-ZH7-000
Throttle Return Spring 16562-ZE0-020
Valve - Exhaust 14721-ZF0-000 Std
Valve - Exhaust 14721-ZH7-810 Stellite
Valve - Guide 12204-ZE1-306 Intake
Valve - Guide 12205-ZE1-315 Exhaust
Valve - Intake 14711-ZF0-000
Valve - Lifter 14441-ZE1-010
Valve - Push Rod 14410-ZE0-010
Valve - Rocker Arm 14431-ZE1-000
Valve - Spring 14751-ZF1-000