Parts for GX31

This list is meant as a reference only. Please refer to the OEM's parts illustrations if you are unsure of the part you require or call the Lawnmower Hospital @ 780-437-1851.

Item Part Number Notes
Air Filter 17211-ZM3-000
Air Filter - Cover 17231-ZM3-000ZA
Carb - CPL 16100-ZM5-004
Clutch - CPL 22000-ZM5-003
Crankshaft Seal 91213-ZM3-000
Crankshaft/Conn Rod 13310-ZM5-000
Fuel Cap 17620-ZM3-003
Fuel Filter 17672-ZM3-003
Fuel Line - Return 17702-ZM3-000
Fuel Line - Suction 17701-ZM3-000
Fuel Tank 17511-ZM5-000
Gasket - Carb to Insulator 16221-ZM3-000
Gasket - Exhaust 18515-ZM3-810
Gasket - Insulator to Cylinder 16212-ZM3-000
Gasket - Valve Cover 12312-ZM3-000
Ignition Coil 30500-ZM3-003
Muffler - Cover 19722-ZM3-000
Muffler - CPL 18310-ZM3-000
Piston - Pin 13111-ZM5-000
Piston - Rings 13010-ZM5-000
Piston - Std. 13101-ZM5-000
Rewind - Complete 28400-ZM3-003
Rewind - Cover (Housing) 28414-ZM3-000
Rewind - Fan Ratchet 28447-ZM3-000
Rewind - Handle 28461-ZM3-003
Rewind - Pulley 28421-ZM3-003
Rewind - Spring 28442-ZM3-003
Rewind - Swing Arm 28459-ZM3-003
Spark Plug UR3AS
Valve - Exhaust 14721-ZM3-000
Valve - Guide 12205-ZM3-300
Valve - Intake 14711-ZM5-000
Valve - Lifter 14731-ZM3-000
Valve - Push Rod 14410-ZM3-000
Valve - Rocker Arm 14431-ZM3-000
Valve - Spring 14751-ZM3-000